True Connection : Raza & DIA33

The ability to see the opportunity in a highly volatile economy and to anticipate future needs of the market is what sets apart a businessman from his peers. The Founder and CEO of DIA33, Mr. Nadeem Raza is one such dynamic personality. He is the man leading one of the most competitive and fastest growing chemical distribution companies in the world today.

A Civil Engineer by training, Nadeem Raza honed his skills in various domains such as Structural Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Operational Efficiency, Budgeting & Strategic Positioning before setting up his dream venture. DIA33 bears the hallmarks of its founder and CEO in every area of its operations. With over 21 years of industry experience, Mr.Raza has formulated the vision & growth strategy for DIA33 and takes the lead in investment & partner relations, policy implementation, business development & overall operations.

His strategic vision for DIA33 focuses on four fundamental aspects of business: an in-depth understanding of chemical distribution requirements, building working-partnerships with manufacturers and actively managing these partnerships, utilising the latest models and technologies, and expanding into new markets around the world.
His fantastic understanding of the industry and market has always kept DIA33 one step ahead of its competitors from its inception. Today, it is a vigorous and highly resourceful organisation, under Mr. Raza’s supervision and direction. As he completes six years on the Board of Directors of DIA33 Group, he has been instrumental in bringing on board some of the globally sought-after brands & suppliers, materialising in complex & large scale agreements & transactions.

Today, DIA33 holds over 30 exclusive partnerships with global manufacturers and carries more than a thousand products in its portfolio. Moreover, DIA33 works with another 70 manufacturing entities and suppliers, under OEM agreements, to cater to their clients. The company has well-chosen strategic business partners spread across Europe, Asia, North America, South America and the Middle East and over 285 satisfied customers who are spread across 26 countries. Their client base is as extensive and varied as the list of their products itself.

The company prides itself on being able to provide almost any and every kind of basic and speciality chemical raw materials that their clients require. DIA33 offices are spread across the Middle East, Far East, Asia-Pacific and East Africa, working in unison to explore and acquire the latest and most advanced products in the market. It is remarkable that the whole operation is managed and seamlessly carried out by a multi-cultural team of just over 60 people! From its humble beginnings, the company has absorbed talent at a gradual pace. The cohesive unit of experienced chemists, technical support staff, motivated the sales team and a proficient supply chain management team form the very backbone of the company.

To achieve his vision, Mr. Raza has empowered the top management teams of the various regions to take decisions and given them ample resources and support to develop their capabilities. For instance, India, like most of the Asian & East African countries, offers a fragmented market and each has their own unique issues. To overcome this Mr.Raza has put in place a strong business development team in each region, which keeps an eye on local conditions and stays in touch with the ground realities. Inputs are sought from the local management teams while drawing up market strategies. DIA33’s team in each region is constantly looking to advance its market penetration and augment their reach in each segment. This local knowledge combined with their inputs have been hugely beneficial to the top management in rolling out winning strategies, tailor-made to suit the diverse markets the company operates in.

DIA33 perceives high growth potential in domains such as paints & coatings, construction chemicals, agrochemicals, speciality polymers, industrial & water treatment chemicals in the Indian market. The company is all set to explore its prospects with a suitable range of products to meet the growing demand, both industrial and household.

Another key market DIA33 is all set to delve into is South Africa. With a focus on improving products and usage intensity of speciality chemicals, the industry is poised for strong growth in the country. The chemical industry is a key enabler for other industries; hence, consumption and demand of basic and speciality chemicals keep rising with the growth of middle-class households.

DIA33 is always on the lookout for new markets, innovative products, unique opportunities and challenging needs. The company’s aim is to be the go-to solutions provider for all chemical requirements, be it a commodity or speciality products. Currently, the focus is on sectors such as Construction, Paints & Coatings, Inks & Adhesives, Plastics, Rubber, Lubricants & Automotive, Water Treatment, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Composites & Fibreglass, and Household, Industrial & Institutional.
By keeping abreast of the manufacturers’ offerings and anticipating the demands in various sectors, DIA33 manages to create a market for innovative products. In the face of a tough and often discouraging global economy, DIA33 has shown a growth of above 20%, year on year. It is this very fact that makes the company and its management confidently optimistic on the growth projections for the years to come. With revenue of over $148 million, the company is investing heavily in augmenting its products line and market reach.

The Technical & Product Development team of DIA33 is directed by well experienced, competent engineers with decades of experience in formulation and product development. They often come across specific product requirements from the customers, which seem to be the most suitable for the application but are not obligatorily the most practical. The team quickly makes alternative suggestions, subject to the manufacturers’ agreement, to ascertain the customer’s need and offers the most practical and cost efficacious solution.

What is impressive about DIA33 is not the number of years since its incorporation; it is the position the firm has achieved in the handful of years it has been in business. As for the unique name, DIA33 in simplistic terms stands for “a line of truth” or a “true connection”.

Truly, the company’s achievements are not just noteworthy and impressive; it is path-breaking. Under Nadeem Raza the company has grown beyond market indicators, as though the tough market conditions were the very challenge it was seeking.

The ISO certified company holds the distinct honour of exclusive agreements with 18 major manufacturers, holding them head and shoulders above their peers.
DIA33 follows a path that is time tested and proven – value for money and customer satisfaction. By providing service par excellence at competitive prices, DIA33 maintains its position as the fastest growing chemical distribution company in a highly competitive market.

Mr. Raza credits his middle-class background and the basic human values and regard for society, inculcated in him by his father, for making him the man he is today. The captain of DIA33 has kept alive his insatiable, innate thirst for knowledge. He considers it vital to his success. An avid reader, his ideals and aspirations have been shaped by leaders and tycoons like Oskar Schindler, Azim H. Premji, Alfred Noble, Nelson Mandela and visionaries like Mao Zedong, Mahatma Gandhi and Warren Buffet. Mr. Raza is engaged with various NGOs that support social causes and is deeply involved in activities that strengthen the social fabric of the community.

In just over half a decade, DIA33 has managed to carve out a niche for itself. The DIA33 group enjoys the goodwill and respect of its peers, competitors and clients, alike. They have set the standards in quality assurance and customer relations. Their extensive product line and demand driven supply chain enables them to cater to diverse business segments. Their expertise in handling global logistics and warehousing, along with their proficiency in customized blending, enable them to work with enterprises ranging from very large to medium setups.

Mr. Raza freely admits that it has been a rough ride at the outset and the man is rightly proud of what he and his close-knit team have achieved so far. The ability to see opportunities and daring to do what has not been done before are but a few of the qualities of those leading the company. With a supple yet strong strategy in place and secure financial position, DIA33 aims to create long-term commercial, social and economic value. “Even though our businesses and markets may change in the future, DIA33 would always stay true to its mission: to add value to the business through superior products and unmatched customised solutions and services, delivered with best practices and standard benchmarks – the infallible recipe for success” avers the CEO Nadeem Raza.

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