Polyurethane & Sealants

Greater the resilience, longer the existence!

DIA33 has conceived and employed methodologies, beginning with raw material sourcing, product development and end-product application that puts its squarely in league with MENA majors in polyurethane distribution, given the organized nature of these processes to drive the outcomes as expected. We employ in-house technical expertise to develop tailor made formulations for a wide variety of polyurethane applications. Our proficiency lies in manufacturing 'ready to use' systems according to specific requirements and after a careful assessment of process engineering besides physical, chemical and environmental aspects.
DIA33 helps build a stronger foundation for polyurethane chemistry by advocating for its ability to deliver sustainable outcomes, science-based research, reinforcing its commitment to environmental sustainability, along with fostering product health & safety. Our product portfolio covers many and varied cellular and non-cellular polyurethane, suitable for energy saving applications such as Domestic Refrigerators, Commercial refrigerating appliances & Cold Rooms, Sandwich panels for buildings & Telecommunication shelters, Pipes and chemical storage tanks, Roof spray, Electrical and Solar water heaters, Thermo ware etc.