DIA33 endeavours to provide its customers with superior products and services, reviewed by PPCJ for 2017.

Product portfolio for a diverse range of applications

DIA33 is a multi-national Chemical Distribution Company having a leading position in the MEA and Far East Regions. It provides a vast range of products along with smart solutions to multiple chemical industries and applications.

"Our enduring relationships we have built over the years with our supply chain partners and our valued customers, committed workforce, and by adopting strategic approach to marketing, have enabled us to offer tailored-made solutions to our customers. We take pride in our Product Development Team and their continuing endeavour to remain innovative in products, solutions, logistics and market developments " said Group CEO, Mr. Nadeem Raza.

DIA33 offers a comprehensive portfolio of basic and speciality chemical raw materials for a wide range of applications, such as Paints, Coatings, Construction, Plastics, Lubricant etc. The company recently diversified with the addition of a range of products including polyolefins and metal finishing solutions.


As a distribution company, with offices covering 12 countries, it provides a high degree of flexibility and speed of react market changes.

“DIA33 has diversified its activities with its wide geographic presence. It advances the development of the business by reliably perceiving the potential in different regions. With its new focus in sub-Sahara and central Africa, DIA33 has made well-thought investments into new infrastructure and joint ventures in fastest developing sub-area on the mainland and we foresee a continuous surge in demand for coatings, construction, adhesives and many other chemical applications. Global coating manufacturers, chemical raw materials suppliers and relative service providers are planning to build on their exposure in East African countries. DIA33 sees great opportunities now and in the future, in this region and has a definite blueprint to enhance its presence further.” said Manager – Strategic Planning and Business Development, Taha Talib

“Upgrading software, filtering core and non-core functions, finding better ways to get supplies and distribute products, doing so we are enhancing our services further, such as on-time- delivery, Technical Support, toll manufacturing etc., which are often required by our customers. said Director- Product Development & Technical Support, Madiha Naz


DIA33 endeavours to provide its customers with superior products and services, and access to technologies and formulation solutions that drive the development of innovative products that meet customer and market demands. The company has formed partnerships with world renowned specialty producers, thus, making an attractive coatings and construction portfolio.

“As a provider and distributor of speciality chemicals raw material for adhesives, paints and coating chemicals and others, we are proud to work with the world's driving manufacturers of specialized raw materials/ chemicals to bring right materials and best solution to our customers. In 2016 third quarter, we added many speciality additives to our product basket. Our expertise implies the additive supplied is fitting for its intended use, will additionally improve the product's functionality, execution and value.

Coating developers, paint, and plaster experts require a broad selection of facilitated materials, keeping in mind the end goal to furnish their clients with ideal Products. Binders, emulsions, surfactants, surface additives, wetting and dispersing agents, rheological modifiers, emulsifiers, preservatives, hydrophobic additives, waxes, pigments, functional fillers are a portion of the extensive range of speciality chemicals (raw materials) that DIA33 has and each of these specialities compliment final product without any doubt.” Madiha adds.


DIA33 holds exclusive partnerships with more than 35 renowned global manufacturers and work closely with in excess of 85 non-exclusive suppliers for products under OEM agreements to support and cater to its highly-valued customers at any point of time.

“We are dedicated to provide solutions for our clients, based on their particular needs and applications, and have been developing and growing our expertise in all business segments. These include focusing on where to compete and avoid “one size fits all” approach; studying and observing local market demands to ensure that client ideas and requirements are taken care of and converted into market-specific product development; keeping costs competitive, and modify supply chains to adjust to fast efficiency.” stated Mr. Raza.

“Rising above the traditional models, we have adopted advanced supply chain and inventory strategies. Furthermore, we are working on bringing digital changes to our company’s performance and agility, customer interface, innovations and organisation.” said the Group CFO, Abu Saad.

DIA33 works closely with green products, like biodegradable plastics, green-seal based additives, VOC-free products, etc., to make the world a better place for future generation.

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